Warmth…when Winter is Coming


S (Scripture): 2 Chronicles 22:10 When Athaliah the mother of (King) Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she was determined to destroy the entire royal line of Judah. 22:11 So Jehoshabeath, the daughter of King Jehoram, took Ahaziah’s son Joash and sneaked him away from the rest of the royal descendants who were to be executed. She hid him and his nurse in the room where the bed covers were stored. So Jehoshabeath the daughter of King Jehoram, wife of Jehoiada the priest and sister of Ahaziah, hid him from Athaliah so she could not execute him. 22:12 He remained in hiding in God’s temple for six years, while Athaliah was ruling over the land.

23:12 When Athaliah heard the royal guard shouting and praising the king, she joined the crowd at the Lord’s temple. 23:13 Then she saw the king standing by his pillar at the entrance. The officers and trumpeters stood beside the king and all the people of the land were celebrating and blowing trumpets, and the musicians with various instruments were leading the celebration. Athaliah tore her clothes and yelled, “Treason! Treason!” 23:14 Jehoiada the priest sent out the officers of the units of hundreds, who were in charge of the army, and ordered them, “Bring her outside the temple to the guards. Put the sword to anyone who follows her.” The priest gave this order because he had decided she should not be executed in the Lord’s temple.23:15 They seized her and took her into the precincts of the royal palace through the horses’ entrance. There they executed her.

O (Observation) / A (Application): So this scene from 2 Chronicles sounds like a scene from the Game of Thrones. I’ve been re-watching the series since Season 5 is coming out soon.

Back to 2 Chronicles…

Athaliah is distraught, because her son – King Ahaziah – is dead. She goes on a rampage, killing her other children, wanting to destroy the line of descendants. Of course, God is the one that establishes this lineage…and no one can break that line. But that doesn’t keep Athaliah from trying. Athaliah’s daughter, Jehoshabeath, brother to the now-dead king and wife to the priest, hides Joash (heir to the throne) for 6 years!

Now Joash’s coronation comes, unbeknownst to Athaliah. She’s distraught…and is executed just a few minutes later.

This reaks of medieval justice and has a plot as thick as that of the Game of Thrones.

As one who believes that God has always kept God’s promises, I see things this way:

I don’t believe that God drives people crazy for fun, I don’t think God wants people to die just for the sake of dying. I think God establishes a covenant with God’s people, and nothing will get in the way of that. I believe also that God doesn’t control people. I think God instills faith, and highlights opportunities for folks to allow God to work in and through them.

For all of the misdirection and intrigue, God wins out. Sometimes that means death and misdirection. These are difficult for us to understand. Sin creates brokenness, and God brings wholeness.

Somehow, God’s direction brings clarity in the midst of despair. Light in the midst of darkness.

Warmth, when Winter is Coming.

P (Prayer): Lord, forgive us for trying to take control of things. When we use our power to control and destroy, correct us, and bring us back onto a healthy path. Amen.


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