S (Scripture): 2 Chronicles 20:1 Later the Moabites and Ammonites, along with some of the Meunites, attacked Jehoshaphat. 20:2 Messengers arrived and reported to Jehoshaphat, “A huge army is attacking you from the other side of the Dead Sea, from the direction of Edom. Look, they are in Hazezon Tamar (that is, En Gedi).” 20:3 Jehoshaphat was afraid, so he decided to seek the Lord’s advice. He decreed that all Judah should observe a fast. 20:4 The people of Judah assembled to ask for the Lord’s help; they came from all the cities of Judah to ask for the Lord’s help.

O (Observation): In a scary time of being threatened, King Jehoshaphat chooses Abiding versus taking action. This is a wise move, though maybe not the most logical.

Instead of assembling the army and thinking strategy, the king addresses the Lord. He calls on his people to do the same, specifically, through a fast.

As they spend time before the Lord, the Lord brings a Revelation to Jachaziel:

‘Don’t be afraid and don’t panic because of this huge army! For the battle is not yours, but God’s.’ – 2 Chr 20:15b

What reassurance come with this revelation! To know that God is with you is a wonderful notion. And God was indeed with God’s people… bringing them a victory in the field of battle.

A (Application): Quite often, our strategy is go, go, go, until something works. We ignore any space to Abide, to Rest – too much work to do!

Yet this text reminds us that something very special happens in a time of Abiding: Revelation comes.

And to expand this idea, don’t just wait to abide until something large looms before you…ABIDE DAILY! Take time every morning, before the day gets going…and sit quietly with The Lord. Let the Lord bring grace to you. Dwell richly in God’s Word in this abiding time of yours. Allow The Lord to speak to you this day and everyday.

I hope this blog is part of your abiding time. I invite you to share how this blog has been helpful to you in your abiding. Or share your Abiding patterns. Thanks!

P (Prayer): Lord, give us vision as to how and when we can Abide in you. Amen.


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