Utter Dependence on God


S (Scripture): Psalm 22:9 Yes, you are the one who brought me out from the womb and made me feel secure on my mother’s breasts.
22:10 I have been dependent on you since birth; from the time I came out of my mother’s womb you have been my God.
22:11 Do not remain far away from me, for trouble is near and I have no one to help me

O (Observation): The psalmist is reminded of his total dependence upon the Lord.

A (Application): When I see “I” in the psalms, I believe we can understand this as a collective “I.” As a family, as a faith community, we are dependent upon the Lord.

Jesus recalls these words as he he remains affixed to the cross. The words of Psalm 22 are some of his last. But these words come not out of desperation, but from Jesus completely emptying himself…becoming totally vulnerable, remaining dependent upon God.

We can think that God is only near when things are going our way…when things are positive. My challenge for you today is to think about challenging times from the past. How did God show up in those moments? Perhaps through conversation with a friend. Maybe someone came to just sit with you when you faced the loss of a loved one.

In many ways, God comes to us, especially when we least expect it.

P (Prayer): Lord, we are utterly dependent upon you. Help us to see that you are with us on the journey…above us, below us, beside us, with us. Amen.


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