Vision is Key


S (Scripture): Acts 17:5 But the Jews became jealous, and gathering together some worthless men from the rabble in the marketplace, they formed a mob and set the city in an uproar. They attacked Jason’s house, trying to find Paul and Silas to bring them out to the assembly.

O (Observation): The Jewish crowd was really upset that people were starting to believe what Paul and Silas are saying. That Jesus Christ is God on earth. That Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah.

The religious establishment is being re-evaluated. And the religious crew are ticked off that this is happening.

A (Application): The resistance that Paul and Silas received was quite substantial. My main focus for today is this: Clarity of vision must have been key for Paul. Only someone in tune with God’s call could march forward in the face of this resistance and these threats.

This is not a matter of a strong will or an excellent work ethic. Vision from God goes much deeper than these earthly efforts. Vision from God is our compass for our life on earth. Vision drives our decision to go right, rather then left, or vice versa; to say one thing, rather than another.

How do you receive vision from God? What was the latest vision God revealed to you?

I’ve been seeking revelation from God regarding our congregation’s Wednesday night Lenten activities. I’m excited to share that we will be having a combination of a meal, a brief activity, and evening Vespers. This combination of activities allows us to spend time together, think about the outside world, and gives us resting time in God’s arms as we worship. UP-IN-OUT in one night: time with God, with one another, and a focus outside of our walls.

P (Prayer): Lord, you brought clarity of life and mission to Paul and Silas, and to so many others who were the forerunners of the faith. Bring me clarity of vision, so that I know what you are saying to me and so that I would know what it is you would have me do. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Vision is Key

  1. Pr. Michael I would like your permission to use some of your Digging Daily with Pr. Michael blogs with folks in our congregation and with our congregation council.

    Drop me a note at or a text to 678-493-7300.

    We have new council people coming on board and we have started Walk to Jerusalem and several of the topics seem to fit well with our focus.

    Go Seahawks!!!! Michael Krekling First Lutheran Ellensburg,WA


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