God is in the Options

(Finally back into my daily routine. I’ve been devoting in private while on vacation, and now I’m back into this space.

For a fresh reminder about the SOAP pattern used here, or for the daily texts that I use, please see my Tools section on this site.

Thanks for reading. Happy devoting!)

S (Scripture): Psalm 4:1 When I call out, answer me,
O God who vindicates me!
Though I am hemmed in, you will lead me into a wide, open place.
Have mercy on me and respond to my prayer!

O (Observation): The psalmist has great confidence that God will answer this prayer. That God will bring about a change in circumstances, so that the psalmist doesn’t feel so closed in.

A (Application): When I think about this verse, I harken back to my days at seminary when our Pastoral Care professor (Rev. Dr. Tony Everett) said: “God is in the options.” He reminded us that when we feel hemmed in, maybe God is busy preparing “another way,” a way previously thought inaccessible.

I wonder if he got that thought from this Scripture? Hmm…

I have had physical, emotional, spiritual, financial crises and thought I had no way forward, backwards, or sideways. And in most cases, something came up to give us a way forward – options were made available.

When my wife and I were steeped in credit card debt, we thought we were done, financially. And then some options opened up: we got in with a credible consumer counseling firm, we cut back on spending, and I released our financial oversight to my wife : ) – that last option is the smartest move I’ve made in our marriage. (I’m the natural spender…she’s the saver.)

So, when you feel backed into a corner, let God give you some options. Don’t close it all off just yet. Pray about it, and pray for the strength to change as necessary to allow the options to be accessible.

Let God lead you into a “wide, open place.”

P (Prayer): Lord, you give us options. Give us eyes to see them, and hearts willing to be changed. Amen.


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