For the Sake of the World


S (Scripture): Acts 2:1 Now when the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. 2:2 Suddenly a sound like a violent wind blowing came from heaven and filled the entire house where they were sitting. 2:3 And tongues spreading out like a fire appeared to them and came to rest on each one of them. 2:4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak in other languages as the Spirit enabled them.

O (Observation): Pentecost is quite the miraculous event…the event that has reversed the Tower of Babel incident (Gen 11:1-9), during which people were made to speak different languages. The Spirit gives them ability to relate to one another, now. Language is no longer a barrier to sharing God’s story!

A (Application): In high school, I learned Latin. Seminary, Hebrew and Greek. While I don’t read or speak those languages very well, these languages have helped me understand English a bit better.

I’ve attempted to learn Spanish through a cd, but it hasn’t come to me.

If you haven’t checked it out, lookup Google Translate, This tool will translate what you say into other languages.

Looks like we don’t need the Spirit to translate anymore. (Actually, I see this as a gift of the Holy Spirit to interpret, revealed to humanity…but anyway…)

The real point for me is that the Spirit saw fit to show up and do the work of helping people to speak and to hear about God’s miraculous deeds. This is the gift of the Spirit – aiding us in being witnesses to ALL PEOPLE. And we do that with the guidance and strength from the Holy Spirit.

Have you witnessed to those of a different language than you? I haven’t, but I yearn for the day when that can happen.

And check out this wonderful ministry: Lutheran Bible Translators ( These folks immerse themselves into the culture in which they wish to be a witness, and learn the language and customs of the native folks, so that Hebrew and Greek translations are as accurate as possible to that particular culture. Great ministry!

P (Prayer): Lord, you have sent your Spirit, and you are sending it ever in our path. Help us to share of your deeds to people of all nations and tongues. Amen.



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