Hey, Look at Me!


S (Scripture): 2 Samuel 7:2 The king said to Nathan the prophet, “Look! I am living in a palace made from cedar, while the ark of God sits in the middle of a tent.”

7:4 That night the Lord told Nathan, 7:5 “Go, tell my servant David: ‘This is what the Lord says: Do you really intend to build a house for me to live in?”

7:9 “I was with you wherever you went, and I defeated all your enemies before you. Now I will make you as famous as the great men of the earth.7:10 I will establish a place for my people Israel and settle them there. ”

7:11 “The Lord declares to you that he himself will build a dynastic house for you. 7:12 When the time comes for you to die, I will raise up your descendant, one of your own sons, to succeed you, and I will establish his kingdom.”

7:14 I will become his father and he will become my son. When he sins, I will correct him with the rod of men and with wounds inflicted by human beings. 7:15 But my loyal love will not be removed from him as I removed it from Saul, whom I removed from before you. 7:16 Your house and your kingdom will stand before me permanently; your dynasty will be permanent.

O (Observation): King David is feeling like he has failed God a bit. He’s showing remorse over the fact that he lives in a beautiful house made of cedar, while God is slummin it in a tent. He’s slapping his own forehead thinking: “How stupid of me! How come I haven’t thought of this before?!?!”

God’s response is: “You build a house for me? No, no, no. I will build a house out of you! A dynasty! And one who will come from your line of descendants… this one I will call ‘My Son’. I will establish his throne forever.”

Now that’s quite a covenant. God establishes this covenant, this agreement, with a broad view in mind. Only God could establish such a thing.

A (Application): I think about how we like to honor God with large buildings and expensive “worship gear.” We like to look professional, to attract people and to “Honor God,” but I wonder if we are off a little bit…like we’re trying to establish God’s house. I can almost hear God saying, “That organ is great…those robes are beautiful…but remember, I’m the one doing the establishing in these here parts. And everywhere else for that matter” (God is from the South. That’s just how he talks : )

Having grown up a Lutheran Christian, I am a bit jaded with traditional worship, though I do hold it near and dear. I just want to remember, in whatever form “worship” takes place, that we always remember “who” (The Lord) establishes the “what” (The Kingdom).

In what style do you worship? Contemporary? Folk service? Traditional?

When you worship, who is lifted up? God? The band? The organist? The pastor?

God establishes the Kingdom forever. For this we are eternally grateful.

(Final note: I truly believe that David had nothing but good intentions for building a house for God…don’t get me wrong…I’ve just seen too many leaders trying to establish something that God is already taking care of.)

P (Prayer): Great God of ours, Great God of might, we pray that you are our focus in worship, that you remind us that your throne is established forever. Now urge us onward to act like this throne is already established. Amen.


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