Abundant Harvest


S (Scripture): John 4:34 Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of the one who sent me and to complete his work. 4:35 Don’t you say, ‘There are four more months and then comes the harvest?’ I tell you, look up and see that the fields are already ripe for harvest!”

O (Observation): At this point, Jesus has just finished his conversation with the Samaritan woman. His disciples come to him and wonder if he has eaten anything. His response is that what “fills” him is doing the will of the father. (Recall earlier how Jesus refers to “living” water with the Samaritan woman, which will quench one’s thirst for good.).

Jesus reminds the disciples what the will of the Father is for them: gather the harvest. They may not have planted these seeds, but they sure can start harvesting. The time is right.

A (Application): How often do you struggle with emptiness inside of you? How often do you sense yourself just drifting? I’ve felt like this before. And with me, it comes in waves…first, it’s doubt, then frustration, then an emptiness of sorts. Like I have no purpose. Like I need to be filled.

Jesus’ words to the disciples brings me back to the center. When I’m frustrated and hungry, I’m usually not going about God’s will. I’m turning inward and focusing on me, rather than the abundant harvest. I fall into emptiness.

One of the most joyful and satisfying things I get to do is to share the Good News with people, without badgering them. I’ve had conversations with people in free medical clinics, homeless people, homebound church members, and with church members who struggle with their faith. In every case, I walk away from the conversation filled…satisfied.

I pray that you all realize that God has given you the AUTHORITY to go and do these things. What’s stopping you from doing this work, and being fulfilled? Has no one ever modeled it for you? Do you lack a mentor? Are you afraid? Here’s my response: Prayer. Pray that the Lord might overcome your obstacle, your hurdle. For where we see challenge, the Lord sees breakthrough.

In fact, I’ll pray for you right now:

P (Prayer): Lord, for whoever reads this devotion, and for myself, I pray: Break through the devil’s schemes that keep us from the harvest that awaits us. Knock down the hurdles. Bring to light those mentors who can show each of us your way – people we can imitate and innovate with. Amen.


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