From Fear to Faith


S (Scripture): Psalm 106:6 We have sinned like our ancestors; we have done wrong, we have done evil. 106:7 Our ancestors in Egypt failed to appreciate your miraculous deeds, they failed to remember your many acts of loyal love, and they rebelled at the sea, by the Red Sea. 106:8 Yet he delivered them for the sake of his reputation, that he might reveal his power.

O (Observation): This psalm is a reminder of God’s “chesed”, of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness. This psalm refers to the work that The Lord has done on behalf of His own people. Verse 8 seems to zero in on why God does this: for the sake of his reputation.

The Lord wants to save the people, but this also points out the mighty saving power of The Lord.

A (Application): God’s power and faithfulness is shown in two main ways: through establishing a RELATIONSHIP with His people, and then equipping His people to REPRESENT Him in the world. This psalm is a case in which God’s relationship shines through.

In this relationship God has established, God feels the necessity to stand by these people who have been enslaved, and are now fleeing for their lives. God has saved these Hebrew people by having them pass through the parted Red Sea, and crushing the enemy with these same waters previously parted.

Have you felt times when odds were overwhelmingly against you? Have you sensed The Lord stepping in and parting the Red Sea for you?

Sometimes it takes a perspective of looking back to recognize that God was present in the midst of difficult and threatening times.

I hope you can look back and sense that God’s relationships with His people are of utmost importance. So much so, that we can’t help but see ourselves as His children and follow his commands.

P (Prayer): Lord, you saved your people from bondage in Egypt. Now save us from our bonds of sin and sadness. Turn our fears of our enemies into joy in You. Amen.


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